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TNT Program Schedule for the Week of July 21 - 27, 2024

Sunday, July 21

6:00 AM    Charmed: The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
7:00 AM    Charmed: Death Takes a Halliwell
8:00 AM    Charmed: Pre-Witched
9:00 AM    Charmed: Sin Francisco
10:00 AM    Charmed: Look Who's Barking
11:00 AM    Charmed: All Hell Breaks Loose
12:00 PM    Ghost Rider
2:15 PM    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
4:15 PM    Black Panther
7:15 PM    Thor: Ragnarok
10:00 PM    The Lazarus Project
11:00 PM    The Lazarus Project
12:00 AM    Black Panther
2:45 AM    Tenet

Monday, July 22

6:00 AM    Charmed: Little Box of Horrors
7:00 AM    Charmed: Freaky Phoebe
8:00 AM    Charmed: Imaginary Fiends
9:00 AM    Charmed: Death Becomes Them
10:00 AM    Supernatural: Of Grave Importance
11:00 AM    Supernatural: The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
12:00 PM    Supernatural: Reading Is Fundamental
1:00 PM    Supernatural: There Will Be Blood
2:00 PM    Supernatural: Survival of the Fittest
3:00 PM    Tomb Raider
5:15 PM    Thor: Ragnarok
8:00 PM    Captain America: Civil War
11:00 PM    Rich & Shameless: Murder, Fixed Fights and the Wannabe Don King
12:00 AM    Aquaman
3:00 AM    Cold Case: Justice
4:00 AM    Cold Case: Family 8108
5:00 AM    Cold Case: Sabotage

Tuesday, July 23

6:00 AM    Charmed: Something Wicca This Way Goes
7:00 AM    Charmed: Still Charmed & Kicking
8:00 AM    Charmed: Malice in Wonderland
9:00 AM    Charmed: Run, Piper, Run
10:00 AM    Supernatural: We Need to Talk About Kevin
11:00 AM    Supernatural: What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
12:00 PM    Supernatural: Heartache
12:55 PM    Supernatural: Bitten
1:55 PM    Supernatural: Blood Brother
2:55 PM    Deep Blue Sea
5:00 PM    Captain America: Civil War
8:00 PM    House of Hammer: Love Bomb
9:20 PM    House of Hammer: Sins of the Father
10:35 PM    House of Hammer: Follow the Money
11:50 PM    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
2:15 AM    Déjà Vu
5:00 AM    Cold Case: Spiders

Wednesday, July 24

6:00 AM    Charmed: Desperate Housewitches
7:00 AM    Charmed: Rewitched
8:00 AM    Charmed: Kill Billie: Vol. 1
9:00 AM    Charmed: The Lost Picture Show
10:00 AM    Supernatural: Southern Comfort
11:00 AM    Supernatural: A Little Slice of Kevin
12:00 PM    Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici
1:00 PM    Supernatural: Citizen Fang
2:00 PM    Supernatural: Torn and Frayed
3:00 PM    Supernatural: LARP and the Real Girl
4:00 PM    Supernatural: As Time Goes By
5:00 PM    Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler
6:00 PM    Supernatural: Trial and Error
7:00 PM    Supernatural: Man's Best Friend With Benefits
8:00 PM    Billy Madison
10:00 PM    Happy Gilmore
12:00 AM    Anger Management
2:15 AM    Date Night
4:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: The Order of the Mongoose
5:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Convicted

Thursday, July 25

6:00 AM    Charmed: Battle of the Hexes
7:00 AM    Charmed: Hulkus Pocus
8:00 AM    Charmed: Vaya Con Leos
9:00 AM    Charmed: Mr. & Mrs. Witch
10:00 AM    Charmed: The Witch Is Back
11:00 AM    Charmed: Wicca Envy
12:00 PM    Date Night
1:45 PM    Anger Management
4:00 PM    Billy Madison
6:00 PM    Happy Gilmore
8:00 PM    The Waterboy
10:00 PM    The Wedding Singer
12:00 AM    Meet the Parents
2:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Requital
3:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Bad Moon Rising
4:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Waiting for Monroe
5:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: The Root of All Evil

Friday, July 26

6:00 AM    Charmed: Payback's a Witch
7:00 AM    Charmed: Repo Manor
8:00 AM    Charmed: 12 Angry Zen
9:00 AM    Meet the Parents
11:00 AM    Meet the Fockers
1:00 PM    Little Fockers
3:00 PM    The Other Guys
5:30 PM    The Waterboy
7:30 PM    The Longest Yard
10:00 PM    All Elite Wrestling: Rampage
11:00 PM    The Longest Yard
1:30 AM    You Don't Mess With the Zohan
4:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: The Man in the Red Suit
5:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Relentless

Saturday, July 27

6:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Father's Day
7:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: No Man's Land
8:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Second Chances
9:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Radio Silence
10:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: If It Bleeds, It Leads
11:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Means to an End
11:55 AM    Angel Has Fallen
2:10 PM    Kingsman: The Golden Circle
4:55 PM    Avengers: Infinity War
8:00 PM    All Elite Wrestling: Collision
10:00 PM    All Elite Wrestling: Battle of the Belts
11:00 PM    Kingsman: The Golden Circle
2:00 AM    300
4:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Pride and Prejudice
5:00 AM    NCIS: New Orleans: Biased